Catherine Rogers OvenGleamers Franchise At Business Wealth Club Oxford

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Aug 09

This is a video of my wife Catherine, so Catherine Rogers, at the Business Wealth Club Meeting this week in Oxford. This is the second time she has done this and got an applause for it so she will be looking for a third one next time. I was there two and filmed it on Catherine’s phone, hence the poor quality production but I have fixed the sound in my video editing software.

We tend to take it in turns to go to The Oxford Business Wealth Club, we have been going there for over a year now. As we leave Bristol at 0515 to get there for the start of the meeting at about 0730 am. The best way to describe The Business Wealth club would be: it is a business networking club with training. So there are about 40 local business owners who regularly attend, we tend to discuss a business question over breakfast and then get some training from Paul Avins and then we have to do the 30 to 45sec slot on your business. I am getting better at these but Catherine has changed gear recently and has really tuned in to getting the message right.

Last Year we (OvenGleamers) won The Business Wealth Club award for ‘The Fast Start Business Of The Year’ for the amount of changes we made to our business between May and December of 2012.

This year we are still accelerating and are just about to move to new office premises – watch out for my next post – which will put us in the best position for growth.

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