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Light bulb shattered in a microwave oven.

Light bulb shattered in a microwave oven. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Today we got a call from a client in Bristol to say that she had her oven cleaned last week and had now realised that the oven bulb cover had completely gone. She said it looked like it had been sawed off as there was still the top half of it in place! The oven was a NEFF single oven, so grey finish, Neff’s special easy wipe finish inside; which is really isn’t easy to clean especially when they are caked in burnt on carbon. Also inside it has self cleaning panel on the fan cover at the back and on the ceiling of the oven. The bulb cover in question is the one on the ceiling. So usually when you open the oven you put your hand out straight infront of you and there it is. The client was very positive that the bulb cover had been there and that he had broken it. I spoke to him he said it was definitely not there and he had actually cut himself when he had gone to replace the bulb. The client didn’t want the operative around has he was accusing her of lying so I went around to the house with him. Before going we had found a cover in our spares cupboard in the office and so we went armed. I didn’t really say anything to the client and went straight to the oven and then after managed to get all the bits of the old cover off and then just put the new cover in place. Problem sorted. Did we break it? I don’t think so but I wasn’t going to have an argument about it and the client said she was sure as she said that she had tried to get it off a while back when the bulb had gone but hadn’t been able to get the cover off. Someone else may have tried and broken it in the process. If I get these bulbs where they don’t come off – they sometimes stick on this type – I leave them and clean in situ.


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