Britannia Range Door Screw Broken Off

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Jul 29

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We have recently have had a problem with a Britannia Range where, when we went to put the main oven door back together, the screw holding the inner glass panel in place broke off. This has only happened once before and on both occasions it was just a case of screw suddenly breaking when tightening it up.

To fix it you need to replace the whole inner oven door panel. When it happened before a few years back I got the part from Britannia in a couple of days, went back to the house on the same day that we got it and replaced it. So a very fast transaction by Britannia with the correct part and the door was put back together ; so sorted.

This time I ordered the part making sure that I ordered the right part. It took a week for it to arrive and then the wrong part arrived. A phone call, they apologised said that I had ordered the right part but they had sent the wrong one. A week later the right part arrived.

We went to house to fit it. We took the old door apart and then when putting the door back together we noticed that the nuts in the door into which the screws screwed were missing. These are actually nuts riveted into place. We actually then fixed the old door. We found that by screwing a good screw into the nut it pushed the broken screw out. Then we put in a new screw and it was sorted.

Now we had the new door without nuts so I phoned Britannia and they arranged to pick up the door. The guy arrived the next day so very fast service. They have told us they will refund us when they get the door back to the depot. So in all even though they cocked up the delivery of the part I am impressed by the Britannia Range Spares people.

Then we discovered that by screwing a screw into the broken one we could fix it.

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