Best Selling AGA Cooker Colours

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Oct 19

Here are the best selling AGA cooker colours over the last year. For me Claret has to be the best colour and having cleaned one recently I really like Pistachio it just looks great – so I'm not sure why it bottom of the list. Wedgewood Blue looks great in photographs in magazines but in the showroom looks just too blue, too rich I suppose. I'm surprised that Dark Blue is so far down the list as most AGAs we clean seem to be Dark Blue or Cream. I also like Aubergine it just looks fabulous. For me Pillar Box Red is the worst colour of the lot and really doesn't go with anything as to me it's out of date non colour – though it did look good in a 70s style house I saw recently, I think in a magazine, as the rest of the kitchen co-ordinated with it, formica tops in red to match and black and white checkered floor. Pewter to me is very subtle and it's difficult to tell the colour of it if are close up to it (cleaning it). So my list of colours to really think about when looking to buy an AGA cooker would be Claret, Pistachio, and Aubergine. But also consider the classic style AGA in cream.

1   Pewter

2= Cream

2=  Black

4   Claret

5    Classic Special Edition

6   British Racing Green

7   Pillar Box Red

8  Aubergine

9 Wedgewood

10 Dark Blue

11     Millennium Special Edition

12     Jade

13     Pistachio

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