Beko Oven Faulty – Flavo Milano 50 Leisure Flavel – Life Threatening Problem

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Jun 27

Beko Problem - FatalI’ve just found a newspaper clipping in my drawer which I obviously cut out with a view to doing a post on it.

It was in the news back in April and it was about two men who had died when they had switched their Beko oven on.  They died of carbon monoxide fumes minutes after switching on the grill. From what I read it looks like the oven is very well sealed and because of this carbon monoxide is realeased into the room when the door of the grill is shut when it is in use. They were the seventh and eighth deaths in Britain in two years caused by the faulty ovens. The figure is now up to ten. These are people who weren’t traced by the manufacturer Beko when they did a recall on the oven.

Apparently even though there is this serious problem with these cookers there are still 6,990 of them being used in the UK.

390,320 of these cooker were sold in the UK.

They were made prior to Jan 2009.

6,990 still haven’t been traced after the recall by Beko.

It is left to the manufacturer to how and when it is done even though use of these cookers is life threatening.


They may be branded Beko, Flavel, Leisure

Click on this link to find out if your cooker is dangerous.

How Do I tell If My Cooker is Dangerous?

So as this is the time of year that we get lots of student accommodation cleans I will ensure that our guys carry the model numbers with them and to look out for them, and we’ll send out a letter to our clients with our latest newsletter.


Also Beko fridge freezers may be dangerous


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