Before and After Oven Clean of Rangemaster 110 Range Cooker

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Nov 01
Whilst training someone in the 'art' of oven cleaning I think it is great to get some really filthy ovens as it is great experience for the person learning the ropes as it were; it gives them a good idea of what they might meet and confidence in getting such a 'beast' clean. Our oven cleaning training course is enhanced when we get such dirty ovens. But the other week whilst training a new oven cleaning business owner we had three really dirty ovens that week, and this was unusual. The first one, which was a 90cm range, I have already done a post for and this is the second one a Rangemaster 110 range cooker. It was an electric one so had a fan in the main oven. The main oven, shown here in the photos, had lots of burnt on carbon on the self cleaning sides, so it was a case of taking everything apart and getting them clean with the magic stuff I keep in my van!!? It's called the oven cleaning dip tank solution just in case you were wondering.


With the range was also a very dirty extractor unit which someone had attempted to clean by spraying with a caustic cleaner such as Mr Muscle which made all the paint on it run. Normally I would have advised the owner to get a new extractor as it was obviously way past it's best. In this case, for training experience, we cleaned it the best we could and managed to ruin my shirt as I got paint on it. But anyway it came up okay – I forgot to take an 'after' photo so just the before is just shown here; you notice the runs in the paint and the grease! At the end of the job we had a very happy customer a fabulous Rangemaster 110 range cooker and a clean and grease free extractor with new paper fitted.

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