All Ovens Cleaned and Correct Sir!

By Graham Rogers | Uncategorized

Sep 15

We finished all the ovens in the student accommodation with Hugo finishing on the Wednesday and myself and Alan finishing on the Thursday. I had a few ovens to clean on the Thursday and then I had to check the ovens that hadn't been checked to make sure that they had been cleaned properly. So once they had been checked we could go home. This meant we all had at least the Friday off to recover. What happended last year was that nearly all the guys went sick on the Monday and I'm sure it was a case of overdoing it the week before.

This year everyone has been at work today – except me – I've got a stinking cold and I'm at home – maybe I over did it!

We were given a window of two weeks (everything to be cleaned before the new students moved in) in which we could have done them. We could have done them over two weeks with the guys doing 4 a day each, but for me the best way was to get them done in fast time as this meant we weren't in the way of the general cleaners also in the buildings. Which meant in nearly all cases we could get the ovens cleaned in the kitchens before the cleaners cleaned the rest of them and then once they had finished the kitchen wouldn't be touched again until the students moved in.

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