AGA Total Control with Updated Video

By Graham Rogers | Uncategorized

May 20

They have now updated the AGA Total Control Video and it is great now as you can see the beautiful graphics, see what exactly is being cooked and see how beautiful the AGA Total Control is going to be use. If it does what it says on the tin it certainly is going to be a revolution to the AGA brand. I think it is going to sell like hotcakes. Lets hope AGA can keep up with the demand! ­čÖé

Here is the AGA Total Control link on the AGA Rayburn site where you can download a PDF and order the brochure.

Although we have a 30 Amp Electric AGA which is pretty cheap to run, well if you call £10 a week to run cheap, and which keeps most of our small house warm if we move I maybe on the market for a new AGA and the AGA Total Control even though it is pricey would be the top one on my list.

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