Apr 20
If you are thinking about replacing your older AGA with a new Total Control AGA may I point you towards the www.agacentral.com forum and ask you to read some of the posts from people who are now regretting replacing their old AGA with the Total Control.
A few people on this forum are posting about problems with the AGA Total Control and really you wouldn’t expect this with a price tag of about £10K
The AGA Total Control isn’t like a conventional AGA and from what the sales lady told me in my local AGA shop really the ideal use would be in a holiday cottage where you go to for weekends and you are going to switch it on use it all or bits of it and then go back to your main home for the rest of the week. The good things about it are it operates rather like an ordinary cooker in that it you can switch on the oven or the hob parts separately. They take about 20 minutes or so to heat up, so of course you won’t have to wait for the whole AGA to heat up like you would do on a normal AGA,  which would take overnight to heat up. Because of this it is relatively cheap to run I’ve seen prices quoted at £12 a week but of course this is using it very much like a conventional cooker where you turn the oven or hot plates when you need them.  Also it looks like a traditional AGA and if someone saw it in your kitchen they wouldn’t know the difference, and when you show them the high tech touch control panel they are going to be wowed. The bad point is it doesn’t radiate such much heat as a normal AGA – so you won’t get the cosy kitchen.  If you use it like a normal AGA with everything on it’ll be expensive to run. Also they seem to be having some teething problems with them with error codes appearing on the control panel and water coming ou tof the simmering oven.  But I’m sure this will be learning process for AGA and they’ll get to grips with this.
Here is one person on the AGA Central forum who has had more than a problem with her AGA Total Control:
Me again…..my new replacement TC has the same problems as before…..the AGA engineer is coming tomorrow to replace the boiling plate as it has stopped working – error code 10.
7 months on, 2 AGA Total Controls, 4 new boiling plates, 3 new PCB’s, flue re-routed .. and it is still not working…….am I the only one ? Help! Customer services won’t call me – no one will phone and apologise! What do I do now?!!!! Is everyone elses Total Control working? How I regret getting rid of my old AGA. 
Another person has had their AGA Total Control replaced with a 13 Amp AGA and really is now relieved.
For me if you are looking at the Total Control perhaps you need to think about the cost of ownership and buy a 30Amp AGA. It’ll be £12 ish a week to run and will give you ambient heat as the AGA will stay on all the time and be hot and you’ll save on all those huge bills of either a 13 amp AGA or the Total Control with everything switched on. So you experience the real AGA cooking and living experience rather than the new AGA Total Control experience thrown together to attract new customers in the 21st century.
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