AGA Total Control Problems Being Ignored By AGA Poor Customer Service

By Graham Rogers | Uncategorized

Feb 06
I wrote about the problems with the new AGA Total Control last year it. If you look at the AGA Total Control Problems post on you will see that the number of replies to the forum entry is now up to 116 and people are still sitting with unserviceable AGA Total Control that don't work and lights flash and what do AGA do. Well nothing, just long silence from their customer care centre if you'd call it that. So they have paid £10K for the cooker which works well for a while and then suddenly breaks down, usually caused by poor what looks like water condensation problems caused by poor venting.

I was in my local AGA shop in Highbridge last October and there was an AGA Total Control there and the lady in the showroom told me that AGA were carrying out an upgrade to sort out all the problems. Well this looks like to be the case but they aren't helping people with immediate problems.

I hope they sort out all the problems soon as this may be a huge PR issue which may give AGA a black mark; on one side lots of unhappy customers with broken down AGA Total controls and on the other side AGA are winning prizes for their new 'brilliant AGA'.

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