AGA Total Control Demonstration

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May 19

Yes just as I thought @jamesmcintosh has been on the case and put this fine video of the new AGA, the AGA Total Control which was launched yesterday. And as I thought the AGA is just like a normal 3 oven 13 Amp but with some big changes in the way it can be controlled making it a must have for busy people who want to have an AGA that costs the earth to run. The AGA Total Control has got the great new touch control panel and it looks like they have got that extra 10% in size on the top plates they said was an improvement by just making the plates larger and doing away with the rings which are usually around the top plates. From what I can see in this video there doesn't appear to be gap around the ring which means nothing can get down there. 


So for us about an hour of the standard two hour or so AGA clean is going to be made a lot easier because of this change. On all the other AGAs the rings have been taken off and the rim underneath has to be cleaned as if it isn't the gunk that gathers there can make the cooking service uneven, and also the end clean just looks a lot better when it is all removed. The doors and 'tunnels' (strips inside the door) still look like they are made of aluminium so they will still be difficult to clean.


There doesn't appear to have been any other changes in the way the AGA looks but of course those heating elements have been incorporated into the cast iron. I wonder if they can be replaced.


James has done a sterling job but I wish they had put the video together in a better resolution as I had a lot of effort trying to read those graphics and I would love to put that meal together on my own AGA at home. Lets hope he does another video showing the recipes!  But in all the video shows you how easy it is to control it; it really is easily turn onable and turn offable!



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