AGA Running Costs What are they?

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Nov 14

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For me the running costs of an AGA are still an enigma, and I often get asked how much will this AGA cost to run by people who have just acquired one on house purchase, for example.

Firstly have a look at these figures:

Offical AGA Running Cost Figures

From my experience of meeting 100s of AGA owners there is a certain percentage where people express exasperation over the running costs, I mean why would they tell the humble AGA cleaner their running costs? Isn't there some differences in running costs between AGAs of the same type? I mean do different AGA oil burner systems cost more to run? Are oil conversion kits more costly to run? Are some electric AGAs more costly to run?

I have been told of high heating bills (whole house that included the AGA heating cost) of £600 a month in two Cotswold barn conversions. The running cost of the oil AGAs was probably about £100 a month and the rest was for heating the house space. Though do four AGAs cost more to run as both of these were four oven AGAs? Does the size of the space in which the AGA is positioned, i.e high vaulting ceiling, make any difference to the running cost of the AGA?  I think it is pretty obvious that it does as large fuel bills go with large houses, having an AGA will be part of these costs. This is the reason that I am seeing a trend now with large house owners looking at alternative ways to heat their houses, with bore holes and solar panels etc.

For me any of these running costs seem way to much to even consider buying one of these AGAs. I changed my old gas heating boiler (1970s) in my house last year for a modern boiler and the fuel bill was 25% of what it was before, a huge saving. Surely AGA with all their millions of profit could come up with a modern fuel efficient green AGA? Although the AGA Total Control is being sold as being 'economical to run' see page 5 of their brochure page headed 'Why it's time for AGA Total Control', what is economical? Is it really the new green AGA?

The point I am trying to make is that my 30 Amp AGA is cheap to run, the figures for running costs are 100% accurate at £11 a week, month on month, year on year since I have had it. 
The AGA Total Control which looks fabulous and reading all the information on it seems to be the AGA for the 21st Century. But I was told by the salesman in the AGA shop that running costs for it would be higher than the 13 Amp AGA. So what are the proper figures for running the new AGA Total Control? What does this equate to in pounds per month?

In the press release over the weekend AGA announced  huge profits and also that 1 in 3 of the AGAs sold by the AGA group is the new Total AGA Control. So great news for the new AGA.I really don't think cost of purchase or running costs are going to put the people off in the demographic this aimed at though for some of us a fuel efficient AGA is the way forward.

And really if I could buy an AGA Total Control I'd love to have one to find out what it is like.

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  • Sue

    I have recently had a Total Control Aga fitted in our new home. I previously had a 13 amp AIMS which I loved. I was talked into a Total Control as the way forward and that it would operate in the same way as the AIMS but be more economical. (I must admit I had reservations but agreed it is important to save energy. Having used my new TC Aga twice I am very disappointed in how disjointed and un-aga it feels. I have programmed it so that the roasting oven, (which I thought I would use most and to try to be economical), is on slumber to come up to full temperature twice daily, for breakfast time and tea time. However, at lunch time the oven is not hot enough to cook anything and if I wanted to cook something on the boiling plate or simmering plate I would have to switch this on manually and wait for it to reach max temperature from cold as they are not programmable and are not in slumber mode. I feel I would have to plan ahead each time I wanted to cook or bake. It was so nice when I had my AIMS to pop a spontaneous cake or casserole in the oven when I felt like it or make a cup of tea when a friend called round. The Total Control Aga is indeed totally in control……of me. Maybe I am being unfair as I have only used it twice but my gut feeling is that I have made a huge mistake in choosing the Total Control over a trusty 13 amp AIMS or classic AGA.

    • admin

      Hi Sue, Thanks for the comment. I love your comment about the AGA Total Control being in total control of you… It sums up what I have heard a lot of from people who have ‘upgraded’ from a conventional AGA to the Total Control – they miss the AGA cooking experience they had been used to. It really is a different cooking, using and living experience than what previous users of a normal AGA are used to. I did realise that the top plates weren’t programmable and for me having to wait say twenty minutes for them to heat up would ruin my lunchtimes too. I’ve just cooked an omelette on my 30 Amp AGA for my lunch and I’ve got to go back to the office now to book some more ovens and AGAs to be cleaned.

      From what you said though the positive thing is that you haven’t had any technical problems with your AGA Total Control. I mean on the AGA Central forum there are a few AGA Total Control owners with the same sort of problems – flashing error lights on the control panel. Problems with the top plates and water coming out of the simmering ovens. A couple of owners are on their second AGA Total Control, others have been given a new 13 Amp AGA as a replacement. At least you haven’t got any of these problems.

      Because of the way the AGA Total Control operates – i.e you can just program the main oven to be on at certain times I have heard running costs are low about £10 a week. But of course if the plates and both the ovens, or all three ovens on the 3 oven model, were on all the time like a ‘normal’ AGA the running costs would be a lot higher. I still recommend the AGA 30 Amp as the one to get, get one on a deal or reconditioned. We have had our reconditioned 30 Amp AGA for nearly five years (supplied by and it is costing us about £11 a week to run. We have a problem with it on two occasions when we had to replace an element – cost each time was £150 – both times we had turned the AGA down to go on holiday and then turned it back up again. Now we don’t touch it when we go on holiday – I mean it’s only £11 a week running costs.

      Regards Graham