AGA Rewards – Where’s Is It?

By Graham Rogers | Uncategorized

Feb 10

We've got two AGA Cookers one in our current home in Bristol and one in a house I rent out in Taunton. We entered our details into the AGA Wanted site in different names for each of the AGAs, with my name and details for the one in Taunton.

On a previous post I mentioned that my wife got her reward from AGA which was a 10% money off voucher to be used against purchases from the AGA Cookshop. This all happened swiftly with the AGA shop in Bath phoning her 7 days after we put the details into the AGA Wanted site to ask us what we would like - anAGA magazine or the 10% off. They then sent out the voucher and we received it the next day.

For the AGA in Taunton I'm still waiting for the reward! That's three weeks now.

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