Jun 22
Last week we, the guys and me, built the AGA that I bought on Ebay for £123 up in the Oven Gleam office kitchen. It took about an afternoon to do it but that was with three of us working on it. Well to be truthful the guys did whilst I supervised and took the photos. Although I used an ebook on AGA reassembling I bought on the net really we didn't need this book. The AGA went together after we got everything lined up. I'd say though DIY AGA assembly isn't something that is that straight forward and I would recommend getting in an expert to do the job for you, a coup. When our AGA was rebuilt we then cleaned it and it now looks pretty good, shows what bargains can be had – as I said before in an earlier post it looks like it has been reconditioned recently – the guy who sold it to me said that it had been in the house when he bought it so he didn't know when it was bought/renovated. The AGA looks like an early AGA Delux as it has a different rail so I guess it is late 1950s and early 1960s. The enamel on it is excellent really, the top is like brand new which is pretty good as they are the things to go first. So now we have an AGA so that I can use for training – the gas unit has been taken out as it was broken and we have now facility to put a flue in. I may convert it to electricity which is going to be about £1900 – I need to work out if this is going to be viable to my business, really I can't see how it is going to be whilst in our office . I was going to put into my garage at home but really it was never going to be ready this year, as the roof needed badly patching and really the whole thing needed a whole load of money spending on it. But I bought another oven off of Ebay – this time a Creda – and then put this into our office kitchen, along with the AGA and with my SMEG single oven range. So now we have some great cookers to do some training on. I am still on the look out and am hoping to get a extractor hood over the 90cm range for training purposes too. So in all I can now say that we have a training facility at last. It isn't what I visualised but it is a great start. We have painted the kitchen and after installing the ovens, cleaned it up and now it looks like it has some purpose.



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