Jul 20

Whilst browsing on the AGA site I have found a comprehensive list of AGA models.

IMG_0034 White Aga Cooker Kitchen Blickling Ha...

IMG_0034 White Aga Cooker Kitchen Blickling Hall Norfolk 01-11-2012 (Photo credit: rodtuk)


Click this link to see the list.


AGA Cooker Model list

The list is very interesting and I didn’t realise that some of the early AGAs were imported from Sweden. I always thought they were all made in the UK. And the very early AGAs have a different front rail so although I thought I’ve cleaned some very old AGAs it looks like all the AGAs I have cleaned have been made after 1941 as the towel rail as we know it today wasn’t fitted until then and the AGA sides were flat from that model onwards. So the oldest I would have cleaned would have been maybe one of those.

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