AGA In The Summer Equals A Very Hot Kitchen

By Graham Rogers | Uncategorized

Jul 06

long hot summerImage by masaaki miyara via Flickr

It has been very hot here in the UK for the last few days and even hotter in our kitchen. The AGA cooker has been on all the time and I've noticed the thermometer reading in our kitchen has often been over 40C. So it has meant opening the back door fully open and opening the windows too.

We also decided to 'turn the AGA down' a couple of days ago and after doing this it now does seem to have made a difference to the heat in our kitchen. On the 30 Amp AGA, which we have, you can do this this easily by just turning the knob on the control dial. The only thing is it takes longer to cook things. But it didn't stop my wife cooking a really lovely Quorn cottage pie tonight.

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