AGA Hotplate Rings Clank After Clean

By Graham Rogers | Uncategorized

Sep 20

 We’ve had a complaint re one of the AGAs that I cleaned last week. The complaint was that the hot plate rings are now making a clanking noise. Well the reason they are doing this is that they are clean. As they are cast iron and they fit against an enamelled shelf, or rim you might call it, on the AGA it’s metal touching metal. So if the hot plate ring is not true – which is a problem with all of them – then when you push them down, say with a heavy pan, onto the rim then they will make a ‘clank’.

I have never thought of this before but I suppose if you have a dirty AGA and the shelf/rim on which the hotplate ring sits is dirty then this will act as a cushion and stop any noise and you will then notice that sometime is different when it is clean. So this may be a benefit of a dirty AGA but the grease will have to be pretty thick and when it is this thick it will be close to make the hotplate ring higher than the surrounding AGA top.  So I would recommend getting your AGA cleaned before this is the case.

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