Jun 22

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I've just found this the offical AGA running costs. This has a date on it of August 2008.

The weekly running costs from this are:

2 Oven AGA Cooker (see their site for 3 oven and 4 oven running costs)

Gas (Natural) £12.58 per week.

13 Amp Electric £20.63 per week.

30 Amp Electric £13.62 per week.

Oil  £23.20 per week.

The prices for the GAS and 13 Amp Electric are with AIMS fitted.

I think they are about right for the 30 Amp Cooker but I'm not sure that the gas AGA cooker is cheaper to run than the 30 Amp even with AIMS fitted. My gas AGA was costing about £40 a month to run when I was using it in my last house and that was 5 years ago now and I know that gas prices have gone up a lot since then.

They tend to dwell on the the savings that you are going to make by not using other small appliances. I'd agree with this in that our current 30 Amp AGA heats three rooms downstairs and you don't need radiators for those rooms, also we tend to use the toaster on the AGA all the time, and also use it for drying things. We don't use it for boiling water for tea and coffee as we need to find a faster kettle. AGA also don't mention that if you are going to use the AGA cooker to heat your water (i.e water boiler fitted to it) then the running costs will be higher. They conclude that it costs the same as a conventional cooker but  they haven't included the AGA installation costs which can be very high especially if you are looking to heat the water as there will be a lot of plumbing. Flue installation costs may also be high for oil and gas AGAs. Obviously the electric AGAs don't have the flues but just small scale vents.

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