AGA Cooker Refurbishment and Replacement

By Graham Rogers | Uncategorized

Apr 07

I bought my first AGA Cooker in 1996, it was a 'standard' reconditioned AGA with a Dons oil conversion. Looking back even though the enamelling looked good when I got it deteriorated over the years, especially on the top as it started blistering, so when I came to move out of the house in 2002 it didn't look that good and I can see why the new owners decided to remove it. People who haven't used AGAs before often decide that that they can't stand the AGA in the house they have just bought. A complaint I have heard often is that 'it's just too disgustingly dirty'. This even after we have cleaned it thoroughly as, to the person not used to an AGA, it will still not be 100%. Unfortunately older AGAs with small chips, dirty seals and the enamelling beginning to wear on the top don't look like they've just come out of the showroom. To get the as new look it usually means refurbishment or replacement of the cooker.

1.  Refurbishment: Taking the AGA apart and sending the bits off to be re-enamelled to AGA enamelling companies such as Hytech (who have moved to Highbridge in Somerset) and also getting new seals, new door insides and new lids. If you get a local plumber to take it apart he should be able to keep
it all in position relatively well and he will send off the bits to the
enameller. I have seen an AGA that was propped up waiting for the bits
to return. Keeping the current in-situ this way will be the most cost effective way to get the AGA refurbished.

2. Replacement: Getting a new AGA as a replacement for the current AGA. Now this means that someone has to dismantle the current AGA and then bring in the new one and assemble that one. There are specialist companies who will dismantle your AGA for you. Or you could sell your current AGA to a restoration company, and the current rate is still £500. They will come and dismantle it and take it away for that price. So if the AGA is relatively new you are going to be loosing a lot of money on it. But it does mean that this company could sell you a reconditioned AGA that is guaranteed and take your old one away.  If you  decide to sell your AGA yourself you may get more for it on EBay depending on its condition but you will either have to get the buyer to pay for AGA dismantling or pay a company £250 to dismantle it for you. From what I have seen on Ebay older Oil AGAs seem to be difficult to sell and People don't like white AGAs. If you buy an AGA on Ebay you need to check that it is dismantled and then you need to find some one to install it for you. For a reconditioned AGA you need to check that the price of the AGA includes fitting it. I have bought a new AGA and the cost of putting it in place was included in the price. I have also bought a reconditioned AGA (my 30 Amp one) and the price of the that included assembly. But I do know that some companies will charge you approximately £250 to either dismantle and assemble. Also some companies will charge a delivery charge to deliver the AGA to you.

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