AGA Cooker Makes My Kitchen Hot

By Graham Rogers | Uncategorized

Jun 10

Over the weekend it has been pretty hot and when I walked into our kitchen yesterday I thought “wow it’s hot in here today” and looking at the thermometer on the fridge it was confirmed as the reading on it was 48 C, see the picture in this post which is the picture of our thermometer. So pretty hot for a kitchen. Our normal temperature is about 40 but sometimes, especially when we get lots of sun our kitchen is very much like a conservatory as it used to be one. And also it is a small room about 3 metres by 2 metres so with our 30 Amp AGA it is going to get hot.

Our solution is to open the door! As we run our AGA all year round we have got used to the very hot summer kitchen.

Why don’t we turn our AGA off in the summer? Well there are two reasons:

1. We have found that when we turn our AGA off and then turn it back on there is a very good chance that one of the heating elements in it is going to blow. As the call out charge and fixing cost comes to £150 it is best for us to keep it on.

2. We don’t have a separate cooker, we only have the AGA and a standard microwave.

As our running costs are about £12 a week really there isn’t an issue with running costs. It is best to keep it on.

hot aga

Thermometer reading 48

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