Jun 25

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I have just been informed that Hytech the AGA Enameller have changed their website to www.hytechenamellers.co.uk. So if you are looking to get your whole AGA cooker enamelled to look like new again then they are the people to contact on
01278 794481.

Hytech are based in Highbridge in Somerset  so it is just a case finding a plumber or an AGA specialist such as Spillers of Chard to take the bits off the AGA that need renamelling and then getting it to Hytech. They enamel bits or the whole AGA and they also can spray paint the sides to match the colour that you choose. The price I was given for the whole AGA was about ┬ú1400 (two years ago).

I have also noticed that they have come up with their own 13 Amp conversion kit for the AGA cooker called eco cuisiniere which gives you a green AGA cooker.

I also see that they are selling enamelled pots and pans to match your AGA cooker colour. I'd expect Duck Egg Blue to be popular at the moment with AGAs great 300 anniversary AGA in that colour.

I've also got an idea that they have a collection service – please check
this as it was a couple of years ago now that I asked them about their
enamelling service and things might have changed .

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