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Sep 17

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We are still busy on the AGA cleaning front and I cleaned an AGA yesterday that was initially looking in a sorry state. It was a standard oil converted 2 oven AGA which the owner had bought on Ebay for £250. It was dirty and also rusty, with the inside of the ovens being very rusty and the inside panels of the doors rusty too. Interestingly the panels on the inside of the doors were made of steel rather than the usual aluminium.

It was a tough clean as I don't think it had been cleaned for years and the grease on the top was thick. It took me three and half hours as compared to the usual 2 hours for a two oven AGA, as I had to get all the grease off the top and also there was a lot of burnt on carbon on the lids. Also I tried to get as much rust off as possible.

So a tough clean but at then end the owner was pleased as it looked half decent with some nice shiny bits on it.

Today I cleaned a newer 13 Amp electric 3 oven AGA with module. It was a lovely colour, one of the new colours, pistachio and it looked lovely when I had gleamed it all up

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