Jun 13

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We have been cleaning AGA cookers for a while now and so have been offering an AGA cleaning service for 5 years in the South West of England and South Wales.

This week I had my 30 Amp AGA cleaned, infact Nigel cleaned it as I wanted to train him up on some new processes that I have introduced to clean AGA cookers. I bought my 30 Amp AGA 18 months ago just before Christmas 2007 and we paid £5500 for it. This was for a two year reconditioned one from reconditioned AGA man Mr Cooker. So this was a significant saving on the price of a new one which are about £11000. As we were renovating our kitchen it was very easy to design the kitchen around it and it still looks fabulous. The top is still one hundred percent and hasn’t got any enamel damage and so are chrome lids they are totally scratch free and are like mirrors.

My top AGA cleaning tip is that if your AGA cooker is quite new then the best way to clean the shiny bits that are just inside the ovens is to get a wet microfibre cloth and go over them. All the grease should just wipe off.

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