AGA Cleaning North Hampshire and Surrey

By Graham Rogers | Uncategorized

Mar 25

Here is a new video for AGA Cleaning in Surrey and North Hants. I am creating new videos for our franchisees from bits of films that I recorded whilst they were on their training with us. This one of Brad Walsh our North Hants and West Surrey franchisee was taken outside our office on the village green. As we had problems with the traffic we first of retreated to another spot and then finally back into the office to record the film which I used on his three videos which I uploaded. But looking back at it isn’t bad.

So here it is a short video which with a few tweaks should be topping Youtube and Google for the keywords.

So if you are looking to get your AGA cleaned in Surrey and North Hampshire area contact Brad Walsh and he will be glad to help you. 0800 45 82 357

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