AGA Cleaning Surprise

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Sep 29

13 Amp 3 oven AGA CookerImage by Ivydale via Flickr

Over the years when I have cleaned an AGA cooker I have left a gift for the client. Initially I left magnets with AGA recipes on them but the weight of the book meant that the magnet wasn't that good and it wouldn't 'stick' to the front of the AGA. However, it did 'stick' to the side. I recently cleaned an AGA in Bristol which I remembered cleaning before in 2005; on the side of it was the recipe book still intact.

More recently we have been giving the client's 'AGA Tips' books by Richard Maggs. Clients just love these. There is also one for the Rayburn and a Christmas special one. Hugo cleaned two AGA cookers yesterday and both customers were delighted with the books.

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