Aga Cleaning – Some Transformations Are Tough!

By Graham Rogers | Uncategorized

Oct 20

Hugo cleaned an AGA last week and it took him two hours to do the top of it. Usually it takes about an hour to clean the top but this one was rather dirty. We don't get them like this that often; I had one once a few years back and that took me 5 hours in total because again the top was covered in really thick cooked on grease which was about 2cm thick.

When we get them like this we get through lots of blades and lots of scrapers as its a case of 'chipping' it off in layers until you can get down to the enamel on top of the AGA. It's hard work and takes a long time.

What's good about cleaning AGAs that are this dirty is that the transformation from what it looked like at the beginning and the end result is more marked and gives a warm feeling to both us and to the clients.

When the grease gets too thick on the top of the AGA it affects the way the lids shut and can mean that there is a gap between the bottom of the lid and the hot plates. This of course increases heat loss from the AGA which in turn increases the running cost of the AGA. It also means that it may be diffcult to move the pans around on the top. So it's a good idea to make sure that the grease doesn't get this thick!

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