Dec 17
You might be interested in this really dirty AGA I cleaned a few weeks ago. I drove all the way down to Salcombe on the South coast of Devon to clean two  2 oven AGAs. The first one was this one which hadn't been cleaned since it was new – quite a few years ago (as it hasn't got springs on the lids so it is pre 1995 and as there is no ledge at the back on the top so it is post 1974). I think the lady had been running it too cold as the grease in the "tunnels" of the ovens was thick but quite soft not what you'd expect. Also, unusually, on the floor of the simmering oven there was a build up of grease. I normally find a build up of grease on Rayburn cookers and never on AGA cookers as it normally burns off with the heat. Anyway it was a job an a half and took me three and half hours to clean; so an hour and half longer than it would normally take me to clean a two oven AGA cooker. Looking back at the photos I'm thinking I missed a bit there and a bit there. But when you have been really going for it for this length of time you just want to finish up and leave. Anyway I think I persuaded the owner to book in for a clean next August when we are in the area cleaning an AGA in a holiday let that we have cleaned every August since 2004 (along with their double oven, hob and extractor). I've taken some video of me cleaning this AGA and I'll post that soon.


The next AGA of the day was exactly the same as the first one in that it was the same colour and year but it was really a lot better in that it really wasn't that dirty. This one took me about an hour and half. So this balanced our my day.


So really a great AGA cleaning Salcombe day was had by me, even though it was along drive. Really Alan would have done this job normally, as its in his range, but he was off on maternity leave at the time. The reason we clean in Salcombe is that when I started I advertised AGA cleaning in the Devon Times and picked up a lot of business in the area which we still have. Its a great area of the world but can be a bit nippy at this time of year!


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