AGA Cleaning in Salcombe

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Mar 16


Here is a video of me cleaning two AGA cookers in Salcombe in Devon in October 2010. The first one was particularly bad but the second one wasn't.  


The video might make you sick! I was holding the camera as I was cleaning with the other hand so most of the shots are moving with the camera. But it will give you a good idea of what is required in cleaning an AGA and how the grease builds up on the enamel top of the AGA. To get the thick grease off requires a bit of effort, and some very sharp blades, and the first AGA took me three and half hours to clean, so longer that the normal two to two and half hours for a two oven AGA. As the grease in the Tunnels (the bit just inside the ovens of the AGA) was soft on top I expect that the AGA was being used on a setting that was too low. i
The Tunnels didn't come up 100% as they are very difficult to clean but we will be able to get them better when we clean it again this Summer! I think I persuaded the owner that 17 years is too long to wait to get the AGA cleaned and it would be wise to get it cleaned at least once a year and that we clean an AGA every August in Salcombe (we have been cleaning it every year since 2003 a two oven AGA, a standard double oven, a hob and extractor) so could clean it at the same time.


So if you watch this video and think that it would be easy to clean the top of your AGA can I just point out that really you need brand new ultra sharp blades to get the grease off. You need to change them reguarly to ensure that they are kept sharp. The scraper they sell in the AGA shop is okay for keeping your AGA clean on a day to day basis but really isn't something to use to get the thick stuff off because a few scrapes and the blade will be blunt. If the blade is blunt then it can damage the enamel on the top of the AGA. Really call in a professional AGA cleaning company such as ours to clean it for you.

So if you are looking for aga cleaning service in Devon or any where else in the South West and Berkshire, and the South East of Wales please give us a ring on 0800 45 82 357 or 01275 370571

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