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AGA Cleaning Salcombe

AGA Cleaning Salcombe (Photo credit: ovencleaning)

We clean AGA cookers cold and this is the method we have used since I started in 2004.  I have done a few hot but not more than three or four. I have usually cleaned them because I didn’t want to waste my time and the clients time. It has been okay on all the occasions that I have done this from what I can remember and the clients have been happy with the end result, but I know that really that I would have had problems cleaning to the standard I would have done had they been cold and I can certainly remember burning myself.

But I do know of companies that clean them hot. I think it is something you’d get used to and would be helped with with a pair of those lovely silicon gloves  that I’ve seen in our local AGA shop.

So problems I can see of cleaning them hot:

1. Do you do take off the rings around the top plates and if you do how do  you do this? Do I pick them up with pliers and if I do where do I put the hot ring?

If I don’t take off the ring do I really have to worry about any build up around the ledges under the rings?

2. Cleaning the inside of the lids; I can remember that this was difficult because of way that the steel wool heats up. The solution with the gloves would solve this.

3. Cleaning the tunnels and the doors – I remember I took the doors off and they cooled down pretty quickly and I was able to clean them as I usually do. But the tunnels are still going to be difficult to clean if they are encrusted in  years of burnt on carbon.

4. Cleaning the racks – again they are going to be hot so where do you put them?

5. Cleaning the flue cover. Again it could be put to one side to cool and then you could clean it by hand, but I usually dip them to get the perfect result.

6. Cleaning the flue itself – how would you do this if the AGA was hot? The flues are difficult to clean when the AGA is cold so cleaning them hot would be worse.

7. Cleaning the enamel tops when they are really thick in grease or burnt carbon. Really you’d need them to be cold to achieve the results that we get.

So for me cleaning cold is the way to go. But if you clean the hot good luck to you.



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