Jul 18
Our new franchisee Nick Paul in the East Devon area has started strongly. He bought our customer database from us and because of this is picking up the repeat business we have established in the East Devon area, West Dorset Area and the bit of Somerset around Chard and Crewkerne. So even though the weather has been a real wash out in his area, literally, with huge floods etc (Nick hasn’t been affected as he lives on the top of a hill) he has had a great start. So for AGA Cleaning East Devon give him a ring on 01297 598345 or if it is anywhere else in Devon outside his area give the main office a ring on on 0800 45 82 357 and we will ensure that Nick or one of our guys is booked in to clean your oven, range cooker, AGA cooker in your area.
Because of the weather we haven’t found a good time yet to go and help Nick with his business launch. We are in the process of getting the PR in place and hopefully the two will fall into place and give him maximum benefit.
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