AGA Cleaning Clifton Bristol

By Graham Rogers | Uncategorized

Jul 30

Today I have been out cleaning again, another AGA cooker, this time in Clifton in Bristol. So just down the road from where we live. I have cleaned this AGA quite a few times before so as a repeat customer I knew the AGA wasn’t going to be that dirty. Or I should say it wouldn’t be thickly encrusted like some of the AGAs we clean that haven’t been cleaned for years, or even never been cleaned, and mean a bit more effort to clean.


I set off early and managed to squeeze a visit to the coffee shop in before getting there. I spent about an hour and a half cleaning the two oven AGA ┬á(photo attached) and it came up very well. I didn’t have any problems cleaning it.


Then I went up the street putting out leaflets and also did the two streets along from that one, so in all it took me forty minutes to put the leaflets out. We have started putting out leaflets as a company out again as we have noticed that we are getting a return on them. We have changed the quality of the paper of the leaflets and currently it is a good time to put out leaflets as there are landlords out there looking to get their tenanted properties cleaned before the new students arrive for next term. Then back to the office to see how everyone was getting on in there. So if you are looking for an AGA Cleaner Bristol then please give us a ring on 01275 370571

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