Apr 09

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I've just got back from cleaning an AGA in Bristol. It is the sixth time that I have cleaned this particular AGA in a house in Clifton so they must really love what we do! :-).

Today the AGAs owner said that her 19 year old son had just started showing an interest in cooking and was very keen on frying on the top of the AGA. So the top was particularly greasy.

But in all it looked fabulous when I had finished.

Interestingly as I was putting my money into the toll machine on the Clifton Suspension bridge, on the way back from the job, someone high up on the east side pier on the cliff top  (I think he said this) "I'm on the top of the world". I looked up and there was someone shouting and there was a film crew with him. So it'll be interesting to see what TV series that will be in.

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