Feb 17

I'm off to clean some more AGAs tomorrow, so an AGA Cleaning day. I'm cleaning two AGA cookers in Gloucestershire. So wish me luck. I've got a four oven one to start off with in Wickwar and then a two oven one in Amberley. So fingers crossed they aren't too dirty as dirty ones especially the four oven AGAs where we clean the inside of ovens 3 and 4 can be particulary tough.

Here is another video from James McIntosh which he did before Christmas. Here he goes through a quick check on the AGA cooker to make sure that it is ready for a day of cooking.  Here he swiches off the AIMS (Aga Intelligent Management System) and puts the AGA onto manual and then gives his little saying 'Doors to Manual, Cross Check the Mercury'. He gives details of how to go about getting AIMS retro fitted to your AGA.

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