AGA Cleaning After the AGA Cooking is Done

By Graham Rogers | Uncategorized

Feb 16

I've been out AGA cleaning today and whilst there I gave the clients some AGA cleaning tips. Bascially you need to clean up after yourself and don't let it build up especially on top of the AGA cooker. I usually give clients some cooking tips too and I am currently recommending James McIntosh's AGa cooking videos that he did a couple of months agao. So here is another one: t looks like a great recipe and I can't wait to try it, all that Mango chutney will make it just fab. From this video I learnt that you need to put stuff at the top of the roasting oven to get it to brown.

After the cooking there's the AGA cleaning and with the pan  as it's going to get sticky you need to clean it straight away. Don't just leave it or else that grease will carbonise and it makes an oven cleaner's job that much harder. Also of course you need to wipe the AGA too, any splashes on the sides need cleaning up straight away and be careful not to burn yourself.

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