AGA Cleaning after cooking the Pancakes

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Feb 13
I cooked our meal tonight and as it was Pancake day I cooked pancakes. I followed a recipe by Lucy Young in the book AGA Easy.
The recipe was:
Ingredients: 100 grams of flour, 1 Egg, 300 ml of Milk
Whisk the egg up and add to the flour, and 300 ml of milk and then whisk them all up and put to one side for 10 minutes. Then lift the AGA simmering plate lid and leave it up for five minutes before you start the cooking. Pour the mixture directly onto the top of the simmering plate. Wait for for a couple of minutes until it bubbles and then turn it over for another minute to brown the other side.
I remember for the last few years I have been using a pan rather than putting the mix straight onto the top of the plate, but this year I had a secret weapon. And you could call it a weapon as I sure it could double up as an axe if sharpened up. So what am I referring to, well the AGA Pizza Paddle. I bought one just before Christmas much to the disgust of my wife “spending £40 on that thing”. But do you know it is brilliant. Absolutely fabulous for getting pizzas out of the AGA oven and tonight fabulous for getting the pancake off the top of the simmering plate and turning it over.
So the pancakes were great, we had a savoury one to start and then a sweet one for afters.  But the AGA looked a bit of a mess after I had done the job; we need an AGA Cleaning company! The AGA has been getting pretty dirty recently; the main problem, that is if you’d call it a problem is that we have been cooking on the AGA a lot more in the last nine months that we had ever done before. We’ve been making the Supperlicious and Hello Fresh recipes – the food delivered a box that you have to make your self but they send you a recipe card and the correct amount of ingredients for each meal. So great meals but dirty AGA. The AGA will need a proper clean soon so I’ll either have to do it myself or get one of the guys to do it.

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