AGA Cleaners Are Go!

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May 05

I’ve been out cleaning for the last week or so.  I haven’t really done very much cleaning since January and was getting bored sat in the office so I am really glad to be out cleaning

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again. One of our operatives has left and another is on holiday so it means I am going to be cleaning for a while until we get a new operative. The adverts are out for a new operative and surprising we haven’t had many applicants yet so hopefully we will get some more to get some choice. I am going to be interviewing on Tuesday after the Bank Holiday and have two interviews arranged.

At the beginning of the week I had a great day cleaning a 3 oven AGA in the Cotswolds (its one I have cleaned three times before) and this was followed by a standard double oven near Bristol. We regularly do AGA cleaning Cotswolds.

I was out cleaning on Thursday and was back in the office on Friday. The Thursday cleans were a bit tough has I had three standard double ovens and the last one had a hob and extractor as well as the oven. The first was a Creda and was very dirty and as it was a Creda I had to strip it down completely, taking all the self cleaning panels off to dip them, and I even took the self cleaning panel off the roof which I only do once in a while (normally I clean it in situ) as its a real sod to get back on. Anyway yes I had a bit of problem getting it back on but in the end everything looked super. The customer wanted me to tighten up the handle on the oven door so I had to do a strip down of the door to get this sorted. In all it all added up and when I left the job I was running fifteen minutes behind schedule – I was allocated one and half hours to do the job in our scheduler. But as I had been given more than enough travelling time to get to the next job I managed to get there 10 minutes early and get cracking with that job. It was a standard NEFF double oven and wasn’t terribly dirty so I managed to do everything in an hour. So I go to the last job an hour and half ahead of schedule  (again generous travelling time) and again it was the same NEFF double oven which again wasn’t terribly dirty and a hob, and an extractor. The extractor gauzes were really greasy but after dipping them they came up very well. In all I managed to get everything done in just over an hour and a quarter and then I went back home. So I got home at 1420 which was two and half hours ahead of the time I should have got back. But somethings getting ‘easier’ ovens means finishing quicker though the reverse is also true getting really dirty ovens means a killer day and running over. But usually there is a mix of good ones and bad ones and it is just a case of making hay whilst you can.

But in all I’d rather have the AGA cooker then a single oven or standard oven day like the day at the beginning of the week in the Cotswolds.

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  • Mark

    One and half hours to clean a Neff double oven, Hob and extractor. I’m somewhat sceptical!

    • admin

      Hi Mark, Your question is the same as the one you asked me in 2010 see post:

      And the answer is the same as we use a different system than you, i.e that is I am using a plastic electrically heated dip tank rather than a gas burner system. For us it is just a case of arriving at the job, going into the house and stripping down the oven, taking the aluminium gauzes out of the extractor and taking the hob hobstands off and then back to the van. Then put the stuff into the tank, cleaning the gauzes with a short dip, and then back into the house to do the other bits. The extractor was greasy so took me about 20 minutes. The hob was easy as it really wasn’t that dirty – the burners needed cleaning and it also had brass bits on the burner that needed bringing up. The oven wasn’t that dirty – it was a repeat customer who had it cleaned every six months – and as it was a NEFf with the triangles in the corners I know from experience that the doors don’t need stripping down as most of the time there isn’t any dirt what so ever in the inside and by taking it apart the re is real chance of getting dirt in. So in all a fast clean. Graham