AGA cleaner finds non enamel AGA top

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Sep 18

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Yesterday I had an AGA to clean in a large house in Minchinhampton near Stroud in the Cotswolds. The owners had just moved in and they wanted the AGA restored to its gleaming best. When I went clean the enamel top of the AGA the blade just stopped and wouldn't slide. Initially I thought it was paint on the top of the enamel but when I scraped some off  underneath wasn't enamel but bare cast iron. So someone in the past, the AGA was a deluxe model of pre 1974, had taken off the enamel and then applied the new coating which was a silicon like layer. It may have been a good idea at the time but getting any built up grime off it was impossible. So I only cleaned the front enamel,  the inside of the doors, the tunnels, the lids and the flue. The flue was also coated with the same stuff as the top but underneath was shiny enamel. So in the end I ended up charging the customer sixty five quid for the clean. I recommended that they should get the top re enamelled using the AGA enamelling services of Hytech AGA enamellers in Highbridge Somerset.

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