AGA cleaned in Cirencester Finished

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Sep 14

AGA clean in Cirencester finished  and now It's back to the office.

So yes here is the AGA cleaned and it is all finished and looking the business. The first clean it had since the AGA was put into this fabulous kitchen eight years ago.

For the AGA modules we completely strip them down taking off the self cleaning sides and dipping them in our dip tank. This also allows us to clean behind the back of the self cleaning sides – and believe me they get seriously greasy and dirty behind those sides – so much for an AGA conventional self cleaning oven.

It is a bit fiddly getting the side racks off,and back on,  in the module but it is worth it as the end result is a brilliant new looking AGA.

You may think I am doing a lot of AGA cookers at the moment. Well it is a case of I like doing them so the girls in our office book them in for me.

The photographs may be a bit fuzzy that is because I am using my phone to take the pictures and then uploading straight to my blog with as much text as I can write on my phone – which whilst wearing gloves isn't an easy task.

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