AGA Clean Timelapse Film

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Jul 25

Our AGA in my house the AGA we have now had for nearly five years went wrong last Friday. We went out to the gym came back and it was making a whirring noise and the charge light was flashing. When the light flashes it usually means one of the elements has gone. The fan was making the noise so that meant it was probably going to need a fan change as well.


I cleaned the AGA on Monday – helped by my son Christopher. I did everything in the house, that is I didn’t take stuff out to my tank. So I manually cleaned the top rings, the racks, the handles and as it’s a 30 Amp AGA there isn’t a flue cover to dip either – the top cover doesn’t come off when it is cleaned.


The AGA man from Spillers of Chard turned up today and replaced one element (on my AGA the elements are in series so just one can be replaced) and replaced the fan as well. As the fan was changed two years ago they don’t last long! I think it is to do with the fact the 30 Amp gets very hot when charging at night and the bearings on the fan are bound to dry up because of this. Anyway a bill of £280 and he was on his way.


So I hope you like the AGA Clean video. My wife doesn’t like the music and, as she is my target demographic,  I may do another one with a different sound track; we will see by the number of views over the next couple of weeks if it needs any tweaks.
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