AGA Certified Engineer Qualification Fact or Fiction?

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Aug 14

I have got a bit confused lately by the mention of a qualification that I have never heard about before. Someone told me that for any work to be carried out on their @AGA that work had to be carried out by an AGA

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Will an AGA Cooker Fit Into a Skoda? (Photo credit: GrahamRogersOnline)

Certified Engineer to keep their AGA Care cover intact and not to invalidate it.  As they were referring to replacing the chrome dome on their Deluxe AGA it seems odd to me that you would need to have done any sort of course with AGA Rangemaster to be able to do this when it is relatively straight forward, and I don’t think taking apart a lid would be something they would have covered  in any sort of training anyway, and certainly no certification scheme.  If I wanted to call myself an AGA Certified Engineer how would I go about getting this accolade? I’m just doing some refurbishment of AGAs, replacing the lids, and seals all straight forward stuff. Surely you don’t need a certification?  Is there really any certification I can get for this? I’m pretty sure it’s unlikely.

I’ve checked the Terms and Conditions of The AGA Care Service and Repair Agreement  and it doesn’t make an reference to cosmetic damage other than to say that it isn’t covered. It doesn’t mention AGA Certified Engineers. It doesn’t mention, at all, any work carried out on the AGA by anyone other than an AGA Engineer and if that invalidates the warranty. Though there is a clause that says AGA can terminate at any time if they want to, so I expect this is the issue if you upset them they won’t continue with the plan. Looking at the AGA Care Plan though it really does look like a good plan and for our 30 Amp AGA it would work really well as last year it cost us close to £400 to get it repaired when it went wrong (three elements and new fan) and the monthly payments for our cooker with the plan would be about £15 a month.

Looking through the list of courses that AGA run at The AGA Training Centre there is no mention of any sort of certification scheme that can be completed or any certification that can be passed so its all a puzzle to me. There are OFTEC qualifications and Gas Safe certifications but these are not  ‘AGA certifications’ and as far as I can see if you wanted to specialise in just servicing electric AGAs all you need to do to become ‘AGA trained at Telford’ is to go on their 2 day Electric AGA course. Would this mean I’d also be an AGA Certified Engineer too? There doesn’t seem to be any sort of courses for dismantling or putting together an AGA, but as I understand it if you are employed by AGA then you’d would go through this in your training. So this maybe the AGA Certified Engineer Qualification; you have been employed or are employed by AGA and have gone through their employed engineer training. The courses at The AGA Training Centre are open to anyone who wants to service AGA cookers and you can just choose the course you want to go on, pay the course fee, and then off you go. From what I can see the OFTEC one would be relatively straight forward to obtain for me, you don’t need the gas experience over a number of years and it just depends on your background, but really I don’t want it as I have an AGA cleaning company!

When I trained in the RAF for my Avionics Technician trade I HAD to pass lots of exams along the way and if I had failed any I would have been out on my ear. At the end of the course I got my certification (which was a BTEC in Aerospace Studies and Avionics) and a course completion certificate and my new rank with huge pay rise, so for me I do have sort of technical background even if that certificate is thirty years old now (They told me in Screwfix recently that my BTEC would get me 20% off electrical and plumbing goods if I showed it to them!)

I have done a search on the internet and found four companies who say they have AGA certified engineers and I have emailed them, so hopefully all will become clear. And I will speak to the AGA training centre in Telford to see what sort of courses they run for dismantling etc, but I don’t think they do.

I rang up my local AGA dealer  (Spillers of Chard) who I have been using for the last 14 years and they said that their engineers were trained at Telford which could mean anything from the 2 day electric AGA course to a few weeks training if they have gone for all the other courses.

And when searching I found that some companies in the USA where ‘Certified AGA Engineer Companies’.

But in all I think that AGA Certified Engineers is a made up term and really they are Certified Engineers, either OFTEC or Gas Safe, that work on AGAs, and have been on one of the courses at The AGA Training Centre in Telford. But I could be wrong watch out for my update… they may all have an AGA Certified Engineer Qualification on their walls!

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