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I found this article about AGA Aims programmer settings on the AGA Scotland site of Lillies of Selkirk so if your looking for an AGA in Scotland then I'm sure they are the best people to contact.

It look like the information originates from AGA and was part of their announcement that all Gas AGA cookers would have AIMS fitted as of 1st September 2008. Interesting I have also found on the main AGA site that you can now also now retrofit Retrofit AIMS to older AGAs. This really is great news as you will be able to reduce the running costs of your older AGAS.

Settings for the AGA Gas AIMS programmer are as follows:

Temperature Modes

There are 3 different heat modes

   1. Normal – this is the "traditional" Aga setting
   2. Low
   3. Slumber


Program Setting:-Preset to two active periods a day (can also be set to one programme a day), breakfast and dinner, with a low setting during the rest of the day.  After dinner the system will automatically step down to the lowest energy usage position – "Slumber".

Settings Mode         

Program setting can be over-ridden.  Two completely different cooking times can be chosen.  As an alternative, the Aga can also be set to run at normal temperature all day

Holiday Setting:- Set to Slumber (or switch to pilot only) for a long period of time and timed to automatically switch back on.  Within this setting, programming can take place for any duration from a day, week, month or even a year            

Key Features & Benefits

Simple and Easy to Use:-   Programmed by a simple remote control handset

Always ready:- The AIMS Aga is programmable on a daily, weekly or yearly basis

Flexible:- Default setting provides two daily active periods:

Override:- Pre-set active period can be over-ridden to different cooking times or run at Normal temperature all day

Holiday Mode:- The Aga can even be set to Slumber or to pilot only mode during holidays, business trips or long weekends and programmed to come on automatically for when customers get home

Fuel Saving:- Offers energy savings of up to 20% based on using default programs – some customers may experience savings in excess of this.

Savings are dependent on a number of factors;

    * How the Aga is used (what type of cooking)
    * How long the Aga is used
    * Household insulation / window type etc
    * Plinth construction
    * Floor type
    * Full utilisation of Holiday programmes

Product Details and Retail Price       

From 1st October 2008 the price of a Gas 2, 3 or 4-Oven Aga fitted with the Gas AIMS option was increased by £575, to reflect this addition of AIMS. But I if you are in Scotland and act fast Lillies are offering a special AGA promotion price until the 13th June 2009.

It looks like its a national offer as it's also on the main AGA site: AGA promotion price at the moment. What's annoying about this is that my name is on the AGA database after registering on both the www.agawanted.com site and the www.loveanaga.co.uk sites. Anyway I have just registered on the sites again so hope they keep me up to date with offers as I tend to recommend AGAs to lots of people!

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