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Apr 16

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We first became aware of Action COACH Business Coaching five years ago and about three years ago we went to a local seminar where we decided to go to one of their 90 Day training Days. This was fine except that we ended up being the only people there. This went well and we started to make small changes in our business. Unfortunately after the session we only had a couple of emails from the coach and then nothing. We later found out that he had gone out of business.

Two years ago we got an invitation to see Brad Sugars in Birmingham and whilst there we bought a package of Brad Sugars videos and the board game 'Leverage' and the whole set of his books. We also asked if could be put in touch with a business coach. We booked in for a seminar in Las Vegas which we attended in October 2007. We really loved it in Las Vegas and thought the seminar was fabulous. If you go there yourself we stayed in two hotels the Golden Nugget for a couple of days before the seminar and then the Venetian where the seminar was held. We preferred the Golden Nugget as it was a great hotel at a great price whereas we didn't like the rooms too much in the Venetian as they had got some small things wrong in the rooms.

By the time we went to Las Vegas we had already started with a weekly business coaching session from a Action COACH. We did this for 9 months and then we decided to stop as we felt that the value we were getting didn't equate to the amount we were spending for the coaching.  It was our original plan to recommence after a period where we could catch up on and implement the small changes the coach had been suggesting to us as by then we had a backlog. However our coach went out of business a couple of months after that so we didn't start again. We have kept in contact with a another local ActionCoach and we are still waiting for the time to start business coaching again. We don't feel that now is the right time. We also want to make sure that if we get a coach again that we find someone who is a 'good fit' for us and our business.

During the time we had the coaching we made some significant changes to our business and we are benefiting from them now – and we are still implementing small changes all the time.

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