7 Reasons To Have a Peugeot Partner as an oven cleaning van

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Sep 18

So here are 7  reasons to have a Peugeot Partner Business van as an oven cleaning van for our franchise:

1. We have a very good working relationship with our local Peugeot dealer and have used them to service all our vans for the last four years and we have had some very bad experiences with Citroen dealers which have cost me both time and money with lots of added frustration.

2. The van has all the features of the Citroen Berlingo, good fuel consumption,  good cabin storage everywhere including overhead storage, full steel bulkhead, and also has some better quality additions such as Michelin tyres and some factory options such as ‘stop and start’ which may be useful for some franchisees in the future.

3. The van isn’t that much more in cost than the Citroen Berlingo and we have arranged for added value Free Peugeot Protector application to each van.

4. As we are completely lining the back area of the van this fit has worked better with the Peugeot than the Citroen and with the Peugeot we can get the optimum tank arrangement that we like; that is the two tanks (oven cleaning dip tank and water rinse tank) side by side, allowing the rinse tank level to be observed when working in the back area,  rather than one tank in the back and the other one in the centre area as we have had to do with the VW Caddy.

5. It has three seats in the front which means you can take two passengers if required.

6. There are more Peugeot dealers than Citroen dealers in the UK.

7. We like the Peugeot badge on the bonnet rather than the Citroen one.


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