5 Top Things To Go Wrong When You Start As a Professional Oven Cleaner

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Jul 29

As we have recently taken on another employee here is a list of the top five things that are top of the things that might go wrong because of their inexperience of oven cleaning.

1. When cleaning inside the doors they accidently scrape off the paint – some doors have painted glass inside the door. For example some Zanussi ovens have a painted effect which if you put a scaper anywhere near it it comes off. So do AEG and the doors cost about £80 to replace.

2. When you get the door back on and the customer checks it they say there seems to be a problem with the door. With this it is a case of checking the oven before cleaning it to see if there is an existing problem with the door hinges. For example NEFF ovens hinges are the ones to look out for; you just check it by pushing the top of the door and see if it is already just off the seal, that is when you push the door it goes in a bit, there is 'give' in the door. Also some ovens have what I call a dog leg action and the problem with these is that the closing action of the door seems to stutter. When opening the door it is easy to notice – it is just a case of remembering to point out the problem to the customer before starting as you get bet they will notice it 'for the first time' when you have completed the job. Door hinges sometimes do have this wear and it is from normal useage. The solution is to replace the hinges. The cost is usually about £15 for each hinge and then the fitting time. If the customer mentions when they book in the oven for a clean that there is a problem with the hinge we suggest that they order a new set and we then fit them at no charge when we are cleaning the oven.

3. When they come to put the oven back together there seems to be bits missing but wherever they look, in the oven dipping tank, in the van, on the road, they can't find it however hard they look. There is a 90cm range which has a centre burner, like most 90cm ranges it has 5 burners with the largest in the middle, and when you take these burners apart and then put them back together it is very easy to put the bit that makes up the outer ring of the centre burner onto one of the other burner tops and heigh presto it is competely hidden. So when you come to put the centre burner back together the outer ring is missing. I think I spent an hour looking for this outer ring once taking all the stuff out of the van. In the end the customer found it which was embarrassing. Another cooker where I have had problems with 'missing parts' is a Belling Cuisine range cooker. On this on the right hand oven when you put the self cleaning sides back in  if you get them upside down the grill just hangs down. You think there is a missing bit but when you search your tank etc you can't find it. But it's just a case of putting the self cleaning sides back in the other way up. I've spent some time with this problem too. I think it has happened about three times to me over the years. You'd think I'd remember!!

4. When you take the doors apart you can't get them back together. On some ovens, again the Zanussi springs to mind, the doors have plastic lugs on the bits that keep them together and when you take them apart it is very easy to break them off and then the doors don't fix back together. To fix these is a bit more involved. I have found two ways to fix the problem: one – put in 2mm holes and then screw in a self taping screw into the hole to make a new pin which means the door can then go back together: two – put the door back together and then, using larger self taping screws, screw the door parts of the door together.

5. They don't clean it clean enough. Really sometimes, using our method, more elbow grease is required, and when you start there isn't enough strength in your fingers or hands – you quickly get it though. And also blade techinque with the scraper. With a few adjustments the blade can work a whole lot better and you can get a lot of grease and burnt on carbon off that much quicker and better, and it is these techniques I teach on our training. We also offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee to our customers and we just send one of the guys back to clean to the clients satisfaction – it doesn't happen that often though as we only let the guys out on their own once we feel that they are achieving the standard we demand in our business and also that they need to check themselves to make sure that they have cleaned everything.

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