5 Reasons Not To Buy an AGA Cooker

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May 31

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Here are five reasons NOT to buy an AGA cooker.

1. They are just too expensive to run. Who pays £25 a week (30 Amp is £11)to run just a cooker? Isn't it madness? You could buy an ordinary cooker and use the rest to go on a nice holiday.

2. They are so not green. The CO2 they produce is 4.5 tonnes a year, which is twice that of an average 4 bedroom house. 1.5 tonnes of CO2 is produced in the manufacturer of each AGA cooker which is twice the amount produced in making a car.

3. All the heat in the kitchen in the summer just makes you sweat and sweat. Who would want to suffer like this?

4. They are just old fashioned and complicated to use and you can't smell the food when it burns. You needed to go on a few courses to learn how to use one, or get reading some books, and you'll need to get a timer.

5. You don't just buy an AGA cooker you need all the other bits and pieces that go with it. First of all there is the installation costs which can be huge especially if you really want it to heat up the hot water to get those 'lashings of hot water' they mentioned in the showroom. And then there's all the accessories: the pans, you need the right ones to use the AGA cooker properly, the AGA gloves, the AGA kettle, the AGA tea towel… the list is endless.

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