5 Cookers Who Someone Might Call an AGA cooker down the Pub

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May 26

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I noticed that when got my first AGA and I was talking about it in the village pub the bloke who lived down the road in the village started talking about his 'AGA' too. His AGA this, his AGA that. Well seemed a bit strange at the time as he had a perfectly decent Stanley Cooker which in North Wales where I l was living then was the preferred range cooker for the house as it did the central heating, looked good in the kitchen, and was a better all rounder. People were infact replacing their newish AGAs with Stanley Range Cookers.

So here are 5 cookers someone might call an 'AGA' cooker down the pub.

1. The Rayburn cooker. Well it's made by the AGA Rangemaster company and it's very much like an AGA but doesn't have the name AGA on it. It does the heating too – if you get the right version. You can turn it off and on easily so you don't have to have it on all the time like an AGA cooker.

2. The Stanley Cooker which is also referred to the 'Irish AGA'. Again now belongs to the AGA Group. But as I said a the top of this post some people really rate them and especially in rural North Wales where I used to live. A fine all rounder.

3. The Esse Cooker. Again a cooker that is a fabulous all rounder. If you are wondering what could have been if the AGA had been designed and redeveloped over the years instead of staying much in the design of the original AGA developed all those years ago you would come up with the Esse range cooker with all of its more upto date design features. They also do a wood burning one if you can live with making sure it's got enough fuel on board and cleaning out the ash.

4. The Redfyre Range Cooker which looks very much like the AGA at first glance but again has more  up to date design features that might you prefer it when you're looking for a kitchen range.They also different types which don't need to be kept on all the time etc. They have some very good catches on the doors which means the doors don't mean lifting when you close them (like the AGA cooker) and you can kick the door closed whilst holding the hot food you've just removed from the oven.

5.  The Sandyford Range Cooker which look just like an AGA but has some other features such as being able to heat the water and run the central heating without having the cooker on. So a cool kitchen in the kitchen.

So if you hear someone down the pub talking about 'their AGA' over a few beers it just might not be an AGA but as there is a certain snob appeal to having one they want to make sure that you think they do have one.

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