4th Irish National BBQ week June 9th to June 15th

By Graham Rogers | Uncategorized

Jun 10

With the lovely weather here it’s become the barbeque season and infact this week is the 4th Irish National BBQ Week. See http://www.nationalbbq.ie/home.php which is a great web site with some great recipes on it. We clean barbeques so if you really would like to make sure yours is clean get us to clean it before the big day. Often barbeques are left all over the winter and when you go and look at them they really could do with a clean.

We can clean the whole barbeque or just the grills. Last week I cleaned a huge barbeque and I cleaned the whole lot including the grills, the inside of the lid and burner covers – so in all it took about an hour and half to do but looked fabulous when I had finished. The alternative is to just clean the grills and we can do this when we are cleaning your main indoors oven.

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