30Amp AGA Running Costs – £10 a week

By Graham Rogers | Uncategorized

Nov 18

We have had our claret 2 oven 30 AMP Electric AGA  for nearly a year and looking at our electric bills for the last year it looks like the AGA is costing about £10 a week to run. We can check it as it heats up of night on Economy 7 and this lower rate is shown on the electricity bill separately. This is of course different from my earlier posting when I thought it was £5 a week (which was the information given to me by the installer). But energy costs have gone up significantly in the last 12 months; so that's the cost of inflation especially in electriciy supply!

Of course all the costs of the other types of AGAs have increased too. So I would take a guess that 2 oven gas, oil  and 13 amp AGAs cost double that at £20 a week and the LPG would be significantly more. The difference though between the oil and gas AGAs and the electric AGAs is that you would also get the additional benefit of hot water (if you have a boiler fitted). The 13Amp AGA is expensive to run but you have the electronic timer AIMS thingy which allows you to turn the AGA off when you aren't using it. The disadvantage of this is that you would loose the benefit of the cosy AGA kitchen.

I'm not sure of running costs of Rayburns but I'd guess that they are similar to an AGA – the benefit with a Rayburn is that you can run the heating for the house off of it. I especially like the Rayburn model that used to be the Alpha model (before AGA took the company over) it looks like an AGA but heats the water and central heating.

Someone recently made the comment to me that they thought the increase in energy costs have been affecting the sales of AGAs.

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