Mar 21

Hurry – today is your last day of securing a 30-amp night storage Aga with a 20% discount

Aga have been offering 20% off for 20 days*

Inspired by EDFs brilliant Eco 20:20 campaign AGA –
maker of the only cooker designed specifically to work on Economy 7
electricity launched its own campaign to help you switch to off-peak electricity.

For 20 days – from 2nd March – AGA has been offering 20% off every 30-amp night-storage cooker in its range*.

More than 20 years ago AGA had the foresight to design the first
cooker to run on Economy 7 and to this day it remains the only one. And
– as all AGAs are made mainly from recycled materials, last a lifetime
and reduce the need for other household appliances, such as tumble
driers and electric kettles – it’s easy to see why this is a
not-to-be-missed offer if you’re looking to save money and stay green.

Phone lines open at 8am on Monday 2nd March, the offer closes 20 days later at 5pm on 21st March.
*Terms and conditions apply – call or visit your local AGA Shop for more details

For more information on 20:20 vision visit

I own one of these Agas and we love it – my wife is now a convert – it took her a while to adjust to Aga cooking methods but now she just is completely passionate about cooking using the Aga.  We also have the benefit of the Aga heating most of our home with the residual heat that it gives off.  We have an open plan kitchen/dining room with open doorway to the rest of our home.  The Aga costs us about £10 per week to run and I think that is excellent value for heating my house as well!

Anyway – don't let me keep you – hurry and get your 20% off TODAY – I only wish I was on commission from Aga for the number of people I have recommended Agas to!

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