30 Amp AGA Cooker Charging?

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Jun 12

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The 30 Amp AGA has a feature where if the heat drops below a certain level (not sure what it is) then it will charge up to get the heat back in the
daytime instead of waiting to the middle of the night when it normally charges up and uses cheap rate electricity.

We have had our 30 Amp AGA for 18 months and I can only remember a couple of times when the light has started flashing to say that it charging up in the daytime.  Once was a while ago I'm not sure how much cooking we had done that day and the other time was the other night as we had only just turned back on the night before after switching it off to clean it. We switched it off to clean it by switching off the power on the power switch and of course the timer has been affected. My wife had to stick her head into the kitchen cabinet next to the AGA to reset the timer again to make sure that it is working properly.

So in all if you are worried about the 30 Amp AGA charging up in the daytime I don' t think it would be a regular occurrence if you use the AGA properly with 20% of the cooking on top and 80% of the cooking inside the ovens.

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